A National Campaign to Prevent the Illegal "Straw Purchase" of Firearms

Don't Lie Retailer Kit

Make sure that you and your employees are prepared to stop illegal firearm purchases. Bring the Don't Lie for the Other Guy message into your store. The Don't Lie Retailer Kit includes display items to warn the public about the severe penalties for engaging in straw purchases and educational information to help retailers recognize and stop any would-be straw purchaser.

The kit includes:
  • Free access to web-based Don't Lie training videos
  • Don’t Lie Booklet
  • Don’t Lie Poster (Large)
  • Don’t Lie Standing Card
  • Don’t Lie Poster (Small)
  • Don’t Lie 4x4 Static Cling
  • Don't Lie Post-It Notes (1 pad)
  • Don't Lie pen

Get a Free Kit

Counter mats are available in English and/or Spanish. To request one, please email Ann Gamauf.

ATF Learning Theater: View scenarios that explain some of the complexities involved in ensuring lawful firearm sales.